Train as a therapist

Outline of course

The 2 year diploma course in Dental Therapy will lead to qualification as a Dental Therapy Practitioner (DTP).

A DTP will be trained to: 

  • Examine and diagnose basic dental problems
  • Provide advice on available care and refer if necessary
  • Teach oral health education at individual and community level
  • Place temporary fillings
  • Provide tooth cleaning
  • Extract decayed or broken teeth under local anaesthetic

Further illustrations of the teaching material can be found in the Oral Health Manual by Rankin & Lennon, produced by Teeth Relief and can be downloaded here.

Upon graduation graduates will be registered to practice with the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC).


Course curriculumAssociate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Therapy

Program Description

The associate of applied science degree in Dental Therapy is a professional program offered by Cuttington University in collaboration with Trinity Dental Clinic at ELWA Hospital. The program offers a rigorous, intensive, science-based curriculum delivered through integrated lectures, labs, and clinical experience. Students are trained to provide service in clinical settings with a commitment to community dentistry. Upon successful completion, students will demonstrate proficiency in dental therapy, with critical thinking skills, ethical and professional requirements of the dental profession. TOTAL CREDIT HOURS: 68

First Year 

First Semester 
Course # Course Title Prerequisite  Credit Hours
ENG 101 Fundamentals of Communication I   3
ADP112  Oral anatomy    3
COM 101 Introduction to Computers   3
MATH 101 Principles of Mathematics I   3
ADP101 Dental disease    3
ADP111 Head and neck anatomy    3
Total   18
First Year 
Second Semester 
Course # Course Title Prerequisite  Credit Hours
New Preparing for practice    3
ADP130 Oral conditions    3
ADP122 Local anesthesia and dental pharmacology   3
ADP119 Communication and consent   3
ADP237 Dental treatments and procedures I   3
ADP121 Health promotion and community (field) dentistry   3
Total   18

Second Year 

First Semester 
Course# Course Title Prerequisite  Credit Hours
ADP221 Preparing for practice II   1
ADP117 Dental trauma   3
ADP237 Dental treatments and procedures I   1
REL221 Introduction to moral ethics    3
ADP Clinical dentistry I (clinical practice)   8
Total   16
Second Year 
Second Semester 
Course # Course Title Prerequisite  Credit Hours
DP240 Treatment planning and clinical decision making    4
MGT204 Entrepreneurship   4
ADP Clinical dentistry II (clinical practice)   8
Total   16

 Student  sponsorship

All applicants for the diploma course to become a Dental Therapy Practitioner (DTP) are required to have a sponsor.

The Sponsor will usually be an organisation e.g a government hospital, a church, or a company rather than an individual. However, individuals will be considered on a case by case basis.

A representative of the sponsor must attend the interview process, to be considered alongside the prospective student.

The Sponsor will agree to:

  • Supply full or partial financial support for the student (this will include tuition fees and accommodation costs).
  • Monitor progress of the student, providing accountability.
  • Provide a place for the student to practice upon their graduation.
  • The sponsor will receive the Dentaid field kit and, alongside the DTP, be responsible for its care.

Following acceptance onto the training course, there will be:

  • a written agreement between the sponsor and the student outlining the various responsibilities and commitments.
  • a written agreement between the sponsor and Cuttington University.

Admission requirements

Details of the admission requirements can be found here.


  • LDTS Admission Exam: USD $35.00
  • Tuition per Semester (Liberian Citizen): USD  $450.00
  • Registration Fee (All Students): USD  $56.00
  • Housing (Semester): USD  $160.00
  • Graduation Fee: USD $ (pending)
  • Admission Package (All Candidates) FREE Download (USD $10 Printed)

Details of the tuition fees and other costs may be found here.

How to apply

Applications can be made online via the Cuttington University website- click here to apply.

To download an application form, follow the link on the admission requirement page here.

PLEASE NOTE for our September 2022 intake we are looking for applicants who live in Maryland, Grand Bassa, Grand Gedeh and Lofa counties with the expectation that they will be working there once they have graduated.